Online Business Solutions
Keywords & Meta
Keyword & Key phrase creation & maintenance
Meta Tag implementation
(Title Tag, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, H1 Header & Content optimisation)
Meta and title tag reviews
Regular updates on any competitive keywords / phrases
Website Functionality
Optimizing content with chosen Keywords / phrases
& basic content editing
Full review of the website functionality
& design constraints for SEO
XML Sitemaps & Robots.txt files
Internal linking structure reviewed for effective flow of page rank within the site
Search Engine Submissions
Submission to Google
Submission to Yahoo
Submission to AOL
Submission to Ananzi
Submission to Aardvark
Google Webmaster Central Account:
Used for submission of XML sitemaps & search engine crawl monitoring
Business Listings
10 Free Directory listings with a PR 5.
Facebook & Twitter: (Social Media Marketing)
Creating social corporate profiles and networking for your business.
Business listing created on Google Maps.
Monthly link building: reciprocal linking, blogs and directories.
Monthly Reporting
Monthly Manual Rank Reporting of positions in Google
Google Analytics Account:
Used for monitoring of website activity and stats.
Monthly SEO Report highlighting any weak areas and how to overcome these issues, if any
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